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Ten (10) On-Bike Nutrition Tips For the Conscientious Bicycle Rider

Because cycling burns so many calories, every avid bicycle rider has earned some leniency concerning their diet. Although you don’t have to feel as guilty about every spoonful of food you eat, proper nutrition is still important and prepared for your bike ride from the onset.

1. Dehydration is one of the primary contributors to fatigue – and it is easily avoidable. Drink more than you think you need to drink and drink before you are thirsty – you should be drinking at least two bottles per hour while actively cycling.

2. Freeze your liquids for hot rides. They will thaw out as you are cycling and you will have a continuous supply of cool refreshments.

3. In very cold weather, fill your bottle with hot water to prevent icing.

4. Taking a swig of water or carbohydrate drink every 10 minutes is a good way to avoid dehydration. Wear a watch with a countdown timer on it and set it alarm every 10 minutes to remind you.

5. Drinks always taste sweeter the longer you ride. So, when mixing a powdered sport drink, put a less concentrated solution into the bottles you’ll drink last. Nothing is worse than being thirsty after a lengthy bike ride and the drink is too sweet or syrupy.

6. Nibble solid food on a regular basis during long bike rides. The most recommended snack is low sugar energy bars – but alternatives are high carb snacks such as fruit, cookies and bagels. Take small bites and don’t swallow until the food is ground up. This will avoid choking and also aid in digestion. Cut foods into bite-size pieces and put them in plastic bags. Make it as easy as possible to eat while riding your bike.

7. To prevent “crashing” (dizziness, confusion, nausea) – it is important that your blood glucose level doesn’t become depleted. Blood glucose fuels the brain and central nervous system. This is the reason for constantly nibbling and drinking Foods or drinks with complex carbs in them during the entire length of your bike ride.

8. Before a lengthy or difficult bike ride – follow these rules:

Eat a big enough meal 2-3 hours beforehand to ensure proper digestion and to keep from being hungry the first hour of your bike ride. This meal should consist of complex carbs – such as grains,fruits, pasta or bread. These are easily digested and will help avoid that cramping by being too full when exerting yourself during cycling.

Drink plenty of fluid with that meal – such as fruit juices or a sports drink. This will provide the calories and carbs needed to get a good start on your bike trip.

9. If you are going for a long leisurely ride, it is okay to eat your meal closer to the start of your ride. Digestion will not be an issue as you are riding at an easy pace.

10. Caffeine helps tap the energy contained in stored fat, which in turn conserves glycogen – the primary muscle fuel. However, caffeine also can cause nervousness, upset stomach, and increased urination – which in turn causes dehydration. So – know your own body and limit your caffeine accordingly.

In our daily lives nutrition plays an extremely important part in the ultimate efficiency and overall well being of every single day. When planning an intense bike ride or a lengthy bike ride our body needs to be prepared, so some additional nutritional needs must be met to make the trip a success and an enjoyable one. By following the above suggestions, you are sure to benefit in every way – physically and emotionally from you cycling adventure. Happy Cycling!

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