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Cycling and Its Benefits

Cycling is a fun activity that is enjoyed by all ages and gives nothing but benefits to the cyclist participants. It is also a highly competitive international sport. Cycling is mainly of three types; on-road, off-road and BMX or stunt cycling. There are different kinds of bikes to cater to each type of cycling.

No matter what type of cycling you opt for it will provide nothing but benefits.

Health benefits:

· It is an effective way to work out and reduce fat. A small amount of cycling can boost metabolism and help shed calories.

· It helps lower blood pressure levels.

· It provides protection from diabetes and strokes.

· It strengthens muscles.

· It improves co-ordination and is the ideal activity for children and the elderly for this purpose. The elderly who have been cycling for a long time have reduced chances of hip fracture.

· Since it promotes overall fitness people who cycle feel more energy in their daily activities.

Other benefits:

· During rush hour it can be the fastest mode of transport.

· It is obviously the most environment friendly mode of commuting especially over small distances. It has no contribution towards air pollution and noise pollution.

· It takes up minimum space while parking.

· It is good for your wallet since there is no parking cost, tax or fuel consumption. Maintenance cost is also the least among all forms of transport. If maintained well a good cycle can last years.

· Even while manufacturing it uses considerably less energy than that required to produce a car.

· It does no harm to the cyclist or to the others on the road compared to the thousands that cars kill in a year.

While cycling you must also ensure that the clothes you are wearing are designed such that it keeps you cool and dry; also remember while cycling in summer that you might get caught in surprise showers so be prepared.

Goretex jackets will make sure you enjoy your cycling experience by keeping you cool and comfortable and protected from rain in any weather.

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