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A Beginners Guide To A Bicycling Program For Exercise And Fitness

Although running has been identified as a premium method of fitness, cycling training provides similar benefits without the intense pounding of feet and legs. The benefits of cycling, however, are fairly similar in terms of cardiovascular fitness and exercise. A cycling workout will increase respiration and heart rate to comfortable levels and improve overall conditioning. It is an excellent form of exercise for health conscientious people and one that can be shared between all family members. An individual may ponder on how to begin a cycling program.

A person beginning a cycling program without previous fitness should always consider a medical exam as the first step. Blood cholesterol, blood pressure and heart rate are important to know before beginning any form of fitness. A person may need to start with a short workout and build up as the body adjusts to a new level of fitness.

Proper equipment is important when considering some form of cycling training. Individuals setting a goal on exercise and fitness do not need the expense of a competitive style carbon fiber race bike. Those with competition in mind, however, may consider a less expensive quality aluminum alloy race bike. Mountain bikes have become more popular for many cyclists because of the lower gears for hill climbs.

A second important piece of equipment is a cycling helmet. A fall can happen to anyone. The last part of the body to meet the pavement would be the head and is also the most likely to be injured. Many serious cyclists will concur that the helmet, at some time, may have saved their life. The helmet should always be worn during an outside cycling workout.

Proper attire is not required. However, good cycling shorts can provide padding in areas that contact the saddle and help prevent chaffing and soreness. Properly outfitted, the cyclist is ready to begin cycling training.

A cycling program should always begin with shorter rides to help improve endurance. The rider should focus on form and maintaining a pedal speed in the range of 80 to 100 beats per minutes. Cycling is a sport of endurance and not intended to require a great deal of strength. To maximize the benefits the cycling workout should be followed by recovery. The benefits of recovery should never be underestimated, as the body will use this time to repair the muscles for the next cycling workout. A good training program should always include recovery.

As the cyclist progresses through the cycling program, the body will begin to feel more fit and stronger. This is true for cyclists beginning at any age. Cycling is an excellent method for a person to achieve health related goals and a highly recommended form of fitness.
By: Julian Hooks

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