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Supplements For Cyclists

Anyone who has tried to ride a bicycle up a steep hill will be familiar with the massive ‘burn’ it will create in your thighs. Competitive cycling is an extremely intensive sport for cardio vascular fitness, and its effect on muscle bulk, strength and power. Without the right nutrition and supplements no one can seriously expect to be able to compete in cycling at a serious level, and even for the enthusiast cyclist it is imperitive to replace body salts and protect muscles from fatigue and wastage.

So what are some supplements for cyclists? Cyclists have slightly different issues compared to people who play contact sports. There is for example no rest time to catch breath such as occurs when play in a ball game stops.

* Cyclists face a real risk of loss of body salts. Therefore a supplement that is formulated to restore the body’s natural salts and hydrate it properly should always be considered. There are many on the market and it might pay to do a little research as to which get the best reports from sporting professionals.

* Caffeine can improve your responses and speed metabolism. It is sometimes used to assist in weight loss but it needs to be used cautiously because it does raise the heart’s workload.

* Cycling is extremely cardio intensive and maintaining muscle mass can be a real problem. A certain amount is needed for power and the explosive strength needed for cycling. Whey protein can be a good way of ingesting enough protein without placing too much strain on the digestion. Unlike a meat heavy diet it is easy to ingest and can be taken in a tasty shake.

* Creatine Monohydrate is extremely popular with athletes from all sports because it acts like a kind of muscle fuel, helping deliver performance and recovery.

* There are a wide range of ‘energy’ drinks. Make sure you aren’t just drinking sugar water. Some come with extra vitamins and essential body salts. Do some research and find out which ones the experts recommend.

* Anti oxidants can also play a role in cellular health and improving immune system. The latter is especially important as high intensity training can expose you to a higher risk of immune system susceptibility.

There are several key areas where supplements can help cyclists access their full potential, and it’s always best to research the best options, seeking expert advice and product reviews. For dietary advice there are many places you can get information such as this: www.sportsdietitians.com.au/www/html/1827-road-cycling.asp [http://www.sportsdietitians.com.au/www/html/1827-road-cycling.asp]

Using supplements for cycling There is no substitute for correct diet and an exercise program that has been devised to realistically reflect your goals and physical abilities. You should seek inputs from a trainer and nutritionist for these. Supplements derived from natural sources however play a crucial role in allowing today’s athlete to access their maximum ability. If you do the research you may be pleasantly surprised by the increases in your strength, endurance, accelerative power and enhanced recovery times.

Greg Mate is passionate about health and fitness and runs MrSupplement, one of Australia’s largest suppliers of protein and creatine.

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